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Usher Audio nagrade

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Priznate nagrade koje su osvojili Usher Audio proizvodi na svetskoj sceni. Kompletne tekstove nagrada koji se nalaze u telstu možete preuzeti na download strani za nagrade.

Usher Serija zvučnika

  • S-520 Playback Recommended Awards
  • S-520 won the first prlze among the 7 different branded bookshelf speakers in UK's professional stereo magazine, Hi-Fi World
  • S-520 2005 Editor's Choice Awards - The Absolute Sound
  • S-520 2005 Editor's Choice Awards - Audio Video
  • S-520 "This is a lot of speaker for the money" - AV Guide
  • "The Usher S-520 is an excellent value with many strengths..." - Stereophile
  • S-520 "The relationship of retail price to build quality...defies logic." SoundStage AV
  • S-520 CES 2005 Jimmy Award ( 1 st Place)

X Serija zvučnika

  • X-719 2006 Editor's Choice Awards - Stereophile
  • X-719 "The drop-dead gorgeous X-719isa welcome addition to the American marketplace." -Stereophile
  • X-708 Best of 2004 Blue Note Equipment Award -

V Serija zvučnika

  • V-602 "It's not hard to see what makes this speaker special and easy to recommend. Its build quality, which is outstanding for the price, is on a par with its sound..." - SoundStage

Serija 6 zvučnika

  • CP-6311 2005 Editor's Choice Awards - Audio Video
  • CP-6311 2004/2005 Editor's Choice Awards - The Absolute Sound
  • CP-6311 "Great sound, awesome build-quality, terrific value." - AV Guide
  • CP-6311 "Ultimate sound quality experience at qn affordable price." - The Sensible Sound
  • CP-6371 2005 Editor's Choice Awards - The Stereo Times
  • CP-6371 Most Wanted Components Awards 2005 "Awesome fit and finish, excellent musical performance and a real-world price..." - Stereo Times
  • CP-6381 2005 Editor's Choice Awards - 6

Dancer Serija zvučnika

  • Be-718 Winner! 2008 CES Design and Engineering Innovations Award - CES
  • Be-718 Winner! 6 Blue Moon Award. John Potis, 6 Moons Review "Exceptionally endearing and innovating. If I were in the market for a stand mount these would be my first choice.." - 6 Moons
  • Be-718 Winner! Reviews Choice Award -
  • Be-718 Winner! 2007 Absolute Sound product of the Year - Absolute Sound
  • Be-718 John Atkinson, Stereophile Online'This is a speaker that deserves review coverage in Stereophile..." - Stereophile
  • Be-718 Secrets of Home Theater qnd High Fidelity
  • CP-8571 II 2007 "Taiwan Excellence" Award - Ministry of Economic Affairs
  • CP-8571 II 2007 "Editor's Choice" Award - Ministry of Economic Affairs
  • CP-8871 CES 2005 Jimmy Awards (1st Place)
  • Be-10 2007 "Best Value Of The Year" - Audio Art
  • Be-20 Outstanding Room Award qt CES 2006 "Every year I marvel at their demo and this year was no different." - Stereo Times
  • Be-20 2006 "Editor's Choice" - Award HiFi & Hi Vi Monthly
  • Be-20 2006 "Best Sound qt CES" - The Absolute Sound

Elektronika i tehnologija

  • R-1.5 Outstanding Room Award at CES 2006 "Every year I marvel at their demo and this year was no different." - Stereo

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